Evaluation of Trapezoidal Shaped Grooves

Figure 3. Blades for Trapezoidal-Shaped Grooves (Spacers at Left) In their proposal to the FAA, the contractor cited several advantages of the trapezoidal-shaped grooves, including improved water dissipation, improved integrity, and longevity. Questions remained, however, on whether those claims were true and whether the trapezoidal-shaped groove configuration would provide the same (or better) level of performance as the standard groove configuration. The FAA conducted a multiphase evaluation of the trapezoidal-shaped groove configuration to validate the contractor’s claims and to further identify any advantages or disadvantages that the trapezoidal-shaped groove may have over the standard groove in the areas of water dissipation, integrity, longevity, and skid resistance. OBJECTIVES. The objectives of this research were to conduct a multiphase evaluation of the trapezoidal- shaped groove configuration to  compare the construction methods, resources, and requirements between the trapezoidal- shaped groove configuration and the standard groove configuration.  determine how the trapezoidal-shaped groove configuration performs under heavy loading.


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