Evaluation of Trapezoidal Shaped Grooves

Figure 10. Bridge-Deck Groove-Cutting Machine The groove-cutting machine uses a series of circular saw blades arranged side by side on a rotating drum. The blade arrangement for standard grooves, shown in figure 11, consisted of 20 blades spaced 1 1/2 in. on center for a total cut width of about 30 in. Figure 12 shows the blade arrangement for the trapezoidal-shaped grooves in which the drum was fitted with ten circular blades spaced 2 1/4 in. on center, for a total cut width of about 22 in. Because this was a demonstration of the proposed trapezoidal-shaped groove shape, the manufacturer had not yet fabricated enough trapezoidal blades for a full drum arrangement.

Figure 11. Rotary Drum With Standard Groove Blades


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