Evaluation of Trapezoidal Shaped Grooves

Figure 29. Large Groove-Cutting Machine Finishing a Pass on Runway 02-20 at MCAF Quantico

The airport manager at MCAF Quantico reported no noticeable differences in the installation process involving the trapezoidal-shaped grooves. Due to the complexity of the test layout requested by the researchers, the contractor spent considerable time measuring the runway to ensure that the sequence and size of the grooved test sections were correct. This, of course, would not be a factor in a real-world installation. The operation resumed without any unexpected issues. It was estimated that the contractor was able to groove the concrete pavement at a rate of approximately 20 linear ft (by 7 1/2 ft wide) per minute, which is comparable to the rate for cutting standard grooves. Figure 30 shows the two types of grooves next to each other at one of the transition areas. The trapezoidal-shaped grooves are on the left side of the photograph.

Figure 30. Trapezoidal-Shaped (Left) and Standard (Right) Grooves Installed on Runway 02-20 at MCAF Quantico


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